Fibers of Kalamazoo offers hundreds of tape options to fill a wide assortment of packaging needs. Masking, carton-sealing, protective, strapping, duct, plain and reinforced paper, etc. the list of our tape options is as long as the rolls themselves!

We also carry tape dispensers and automatic tape machines. We are proud to carry trusted brands including Cantech (which is made in the U.S.), 3M, Intertape, and ATP.


With tape and packaging products from Fibers of Kalamazoo you can be sure your shipments are securely packed and sealed!

In need of additional supplies? We also carry corrugated boxes, void fill, bubble pack and foam, and a wide range of other packaging products! We also carry ice melter, protective wear, and other safety products to keep your employees and facility safe during any task or season.

Find it with Fibers!

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