The history of Fibers of Kalamazoo dates back to 1981 when Robert Boyle first opened a paper converting business. Due to its Kalamazoo location, Fibers was surrounded by paper mills during the industry’s hay day. The company collected odd lots and seconds from local paper companies and converted the material into saleable paper products.

In fact, the name Fibers of Kalamazoo is an homage to that process to this day.

Fibers warehouse

In order to supplement the paper converting business, Fibers began selling janitorial and packaging supplies in 1989.

Robert passed day-to-day operations and ownership of the business down to his children, Bill Boyle and Kelly Boyle Brandli in 1987. Bill serves as President of Fibers of Kalamazoo and Kelly is one of the company’s top Sales Representative. Michael T. Horton is also part-owner of Fibers. His day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing production and public relations.

Located on Willard Street, just north of downtown Kalamazoo, Fibers serves greater west Michigan with excellent products, honest customer service, and predictable prices. We have operated out of our current facility since 1985.

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