The Fibers of Kalamazoo staff has nearly 250 combined years experience supplying packaging, janitorial, and safety products to west Michigan. Many long-term team members have been with the company since its inception. Those who are newer to the family-owned business are thoroughly educated in our products and approach to customer service in order to create a strong, knowledgeable, and responsive team dedicated to putting our customers first. 

Bill Boyle

President & Co-Owner

Bill oversees and directs day-to-day operations at Fibers of Kalamazoo. He has worked at Fibers since his father, Robert Boyle, started the business in 1981.

“Fibers of Kalamazoo is big enough to deliver products and services of our biggest competitors yet still small enough to be considerate, flexible, and react to our customers’ needs and emergencies.

“We try to build value into what we do by lowering our customers’ overall costs and provide solutions and services to enable them to increase their return on investment. If we can do that, we’ve done our job.”

Michael Horton, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Michael T. Horton

Vice President & Co-Owner

Michael is the “go-to guy” at Fibers of Kalamazoo. He oversees production and the in-house shop, public relations, and ancillary activities including fleet maintenance. He was a founding member of the Fibers team when the company was created in 1981.

“We have evolved as a company over the years, but we have always maintained our commitment to service. We try to help our customers as much as we can. Fibers believes in giving everyone a positive experience and treating everyone with respect and decency.

“I enjoy helping other people through my role at Fibers and outside of work.”

Kelly Brandli, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Kelly Brandli

Sales Rep & Co-Owner

The daughter of Fibers of Kalamazoo founder Robert Boyle, Kelly has worked at the company since Day 1. While she’s done a little bit of everything, from warehouse operations and packaging to payroll, accounting, and office management, Kelly is now a Sales Rep overseeing a number of accounts in greater west Michigan. 

“We work hard to provide opportunities to our customers and are able to do so because of teamwork here at Fibers. Without a great support staff – from the office staff, crib guys, and truck drivers to my wonderful customers – I know the I would not have had the success I have had thus far.”

Randy Weaver, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Randy Weaver

Account/Sales Rep

With more than 30 years at Fibers of Kalamazoo, Randy, who resides in Kalamazoo, works to meet his customers’ needs by finding solutions to their product needs and resolving account issues quickly.

“I enjoy interacting with my customers to help them increase their bottom line with products purchased through Fibers. 

“All Fibers of Kalamazoo employees have years of service experience, most right here at Fibers. We guarantee satisfaction on every product we sell.”

Rick Van Ess, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Rick Van Ess

Account/Sales Rep

Despite living in Holland, Rick manages accounts in a variety of locations, covering clients from the lakeshore and greater Grand Rapids area to northern Indiana and a few in the Detroit area. Rick uses his more than 26 years at Fibers, to provide excellent customer service and product knowledge to meet his customers’ needs.

“I really enjoy the people and running around to all the different places. Every day is different. 

“We work hard to provide creative solutions and think outside the box to provide our customers with the best products and solutions.”

Jeffrey Wysocki, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Jeffrey Wysocki

Account/Sales Rep

The first of three Jeffs on the Fibers team, Jeffrey is “the original” with 22 years of service to the company and its customers. He lives in Rockford and works primarily in the Grand Rapids area to sell and promote Fibers’ products and services.

“I treat each and every customer like they’re the most important account, providing them quality products and services. I also share product knowledge and experience to improve their processes and outputs. 

“Our sales force has varied backgrounds and experience. We work to meet and exceed customers’ expectations daily.”

John Veenstra, Fibers of Kalamazoo

John Veenstra

Account/Sales Rep

Living in Grandville and serving greater Grand Rapids, Lowell, Zeeland, Holland, and Middleville, John strives to be a problem solver and provide value to Fibers’ customers. He joined the Fibers of Kalamazoo team in 2000.

“Fibers is unique because of the diversity of products it supplies and the willingness of the management team to meet client and sales needs. We’ll find anything our clients need.

“Price and value are not the same. A product’s value is what a customer is willing to pay based on how well it meets their needs so a product’s value is unique to each customer. We provide products with value in addition to steady prices.”

Jeff Moxley, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Jeff Moxley

Account/Sales Rep

Jeff, a resident of Portage, joined Fibers of Kalamazoo in 2014. He strives to provide excellent customer service to existing clients and reach out to new prospects in southwest Michigan.

“My goal is to build relationships, provide great support, reduce our customers’ costs through high-quality products at competitive prices. I work to understand my customers’ supply problems and needs and offer Fibers products and services where I am confident that we can make a difference for them.

“Fibers is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We organize our time and resources for their benefit.”

Brett Baney, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Brett Baney

Account/Sales Rep

Brett joined the Fibers team in 2016 and has a background in customer service and sales. Focusing on the Grand Rapids area, he works to cultivate new business growth.

“Fibers provides strong, consistent follow-up. We are here to be a solutions provider and alleviate stress.

“We have a great team here. We treat people like we would like to be treated.”

Morgan Boyle, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Morgan Boyle

Customer Service Rep

Morgan joined the Fibers team full-time in 2013 after helping out at the family business on and off since college. In addition to managing accounts receivable, she also provides customer service and assists the sales team.

“Being the third generation in a family business gives me a lot of time to be with my family.

“We treat our customers like family, too. We don’t just sell you paper towel; we provide a wide variety of products and big picture services to give each customer personalized attention.”

Jeff Sullivan, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Jeff Sullivan

Inside Sales Coordinator

With more than 12 years of experience as an Outside Sales Rep for Fibers of Kalamazoo, Jeff accepted the Inside Sales Coordinator position in 2015. His responsibilities include developing and maintaining relationships with manufacturers and suppliers as well as supporting the Fibers sales team.

“I like dealing with manufacturers reps, sourcing and discovering new products, and being a part of this staff. Bill is a great person to work for.

“Fibers is unique in that we’ll do warehousing; not a lot of our competitors do that. We also have an experienced, knowledgeable staff with a lot of longevity.” 

Mike Calkins, Fibers of Kalamazoo

Mike Calkins

Purchasing Agent

Joining the Fibers team in 2005, Mike has worked to maintain inventory and stock levels for more than 10 years.

“I help the best I can with class, to solve issues, enter orders, and coordinate with sales people. 

“I worked two other places in customer service; the people here at Fibers are unique. We have direction and values. Those aren’t things you can teach someone; they have to be a part of who you are as a person.”

Trust Our Team

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